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Op Husky is generally glossed over in histories of the Italian campaign, the air component of the campaign rarely attracts more than a few paragraphs and has been long overdue academic scrutiny for many years. This new history has rectified the historical shortfall and, in some style, covering the fierce air battle over Sicily from strategic down to tactical level and back up again. The narrative is well-balanced, viewing the fighting from both sides and importantly from a guide’s perspective, linking the battle to events on the ground and at sea. The chapters on Tactical Air Support during Operation Hardgate and the failure to interdict against Operation Lehrgang are particularly informative. 5/5

The International Guild of Battlefield Guides

The heat kept me indoors most of the weekend, so I read Eagles over Husky by Alexander Fitzgerald-Black non-stop. The book was a riveting, fascinating, and human history of the Allied Air Forces in the Sicilian campaign of World War Two. Full of interesting characters and stories. Highly recommend!

Adam Montgomery