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Fitzgerald-Black has done an outstanding job of refocusing attention on the air war over Sicily and has contributed to the study of air power history. His work resides alongside Chris Rein and Robert Ehlers in broadening our understanding of the Mediterranean theatre during the Second World War. His expert linking of tactical, operational, and strategic in a clear narrative allows all readers to understand that while one area of a campaign might be deemed a tactical misstep, the overarching importance of the strategic victory cannot be taken for granted.

Brian Laslie

This is a well-researched work that details the allied air operations over Sicily it includes a very comprehensive list of the aircraft used by the forces on both sides of the conflict. Added to which are some really interesting aerial photographs and flight maps. Although primarily about the air cover for Operation Husky there are comprehensive details of how these air operations were interacting with the ground operations.

For anyone doing an in-depth study of air operations over Sicily or with an interest in air warfare this is a must have book, laid out in a format that is easy to read and understand. A great read with lots of credits from Alexander’s research work.

Italy Star Association 1943-1945