Warplane Wednesday

Warplane Wednesday: North American B-25 Mitchell

When the Canadians were working their way towards Adrano from Regalbuto after 2 August B-25s knocked out a battery of 8.8cm guns which were slowing the Canadian advance.

– Excerpt from Eagles over Husky

North American B-25 Mitchell during International Air Show Góraszka 2007

Famous for launching from carriers in the 1942 strike on Tokyo known as the Doolittle Raid, the North American B-25 Mitchell was a medium bomber. During Operation Husky, it saw service both in Major General James Doolittle’s Strategic Air Force and the Tactical Bomber Force. These aircraft could strike anything from enemy gun positions to Italian airfields and lines of communication.

Specifications (B-25C/D)

Type: five-seat medium bomber

Powerplant: two 1267.5kW (1700hp) Wright R-2600-13 14-cylinder two-row radial engines

Performance: maximum speed 457km/h (284mph); climb to 4570m (15000ft) in 16 minutes 30 seconds; service ceiling 6460m (21200ft); range 2454km (1525 miles) with a 1452kg (3200lb) bomb load

Weights: empty 9208kg (20300lb); maximum take-off 18960kg (41800lb)

Wingspan: 20.6m (67ft 7in)

Length: 16.12m (52ft 11in)

Height: 4.82m (15ft 10in)

Armament: two 12.7mm (0.5in) trainable forward-firing machine guns in the nose position, two 12.7mm (0.5in) trainable machine guns in the dorsal turret, one 12.7mm (0.5in) machine gun in each beam position, and two 12.7mm (0.5in) trainable machine guns in the ventral turret, plus an internal and external bomb and torpedo load of 1361kg (3000lb)


The B-25 Mitchell served in the following units during Operation Husky:

Northwest African Strategic Air Force

  • US 310th Bombardment Group
    • 379th Bombardment Squadron
    • 380th Bombardment Squadron
    • 381st Bombardment Squadron
    • 428th Bombardment Squadron
  • US 321st Bombardment Group
    • 445th Bombardment Squadron
    • 446th Bombardment Squadron
    • 447th Bombardment Squadron
    • 448th Bombardment Squadron

Northwest African Tactical Air Force    

  • US 12th Bombardment Group
    • 81st Bombardment Squadron
    • 82nd Bombardment Squadron
    • 83rd Bombardment Squadron
    • 434th Bombardment Squadron


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